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hey, it's a movie

Okay, when I first heard about the movie Syriana, I thought "the hell is this?" Apparently it's a movie about oil and the middle east. I'm kinda looking forward to it. It's nice to leave a movie and actually have it make you think. I need to be agitated out of my current apathetic funk. Also, I like the way it looks (for some reason this is a big deal with me). Kinda looks (I mean visual style) like the movie Traffic which I actually didn't like as far as the overall movie. Did any of that make since? Something else, George Clooney has been making some very political movies lately. At first I was thinking "oh boy, another actor trying to pretend that acting can begin to make people understand the problems of the world." But now I'm thinking what's wrong with that? Use movies as a soapbox, it's better than working on something you don't really care about. On a not really related note, the special effectsyness of King Kong looks very hokey to me. Just so you know.
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