daniel (all_wide_eyed) wrote,

Because I'm a sucker for all things music

Taken from Angel. Put your media player on shuffle and list the first line of the first 30 songs. Okie dokie.

1. Hard times are here everywhere you go (I think that's what he says)
2. The flower in the glass peanut bottle formerly in the kitchen
3. It just so happens I have many concerns
4. April come she will (Well that shouldn't be too hard)
5. The time has come to kick out the jams motherfuckers! (heh)
6. I'll be your mirror (damn these unimaginative naming schemes)
7. The Motor City is burnin, baby
8. Out from my window, across from the city, I have what's considered a good view
9. Drink up baby doll
10. I have the potential to be great today
11. Holly wore a string around her finger
12. There are gaps between the light
13. Winter, put on a coat theyre expecting a cold one
14. Shiney, shiney, shiney boots of leather
15. I guess I met her at the party pit
16. I walked on the banks of the tin can banana dock
17. I've seen you walk desert highways
18. Strange now to think of you gone without corsets and eyes
19. They found me on a florist
20. Oh, it's funny to be seeing you after so longg girl

Eh this ain't workin too good. I had to wipe my computer a while ago so the selection's not so good. Oh well.
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