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Cripes. ever have one of those nights where rain starts pouring down as soon as you step outside. And after braving the sudden flash flood to take back some movies you go to walmart to pick up some film which it turns out isn't ready yet despite the whole two days have gone by since bringing the film in thing. And during the whole drive your headlights keep going out because either your car has evil intentions against you or is ashamed of it's own need of a wash. Then when you get back to your apartment (the one that always, always causes you to give a "ah crap, this isn't where I thought I was going" sigh) the rain begins to lessen to where by the time you get to the door people are already heading back out to the pool to make comments about how certain things are bumpin' and let out "whooo!!!"'s that trail off in a way that makes you think that they aren't even fooling themselves. Don't you hate those kinds of nights. What's sad is that all of this took less than an hour and yet I consider it my entire night.
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